Friday, August 04, 2006

Quickly my dad and I found something we have in common - a fondness for naps. I'm the one with hair.
The Fabulous Life of a Boxer Pup!Me playing with my kong. Silly mom and dad, bought me a little kong!

Ok bored with my kong... on to Caitlin! She is my 2 legged best friend. She always lets me win!

And now I nap in my favorite place, under the coffee table!

And now outside. I don't know why they buy me toys, I'm fine playing and chewing on

my leash!
Well that about sums it up! Play, nap, play some more and nap some more!

** Thank you all for welcoming me into the world of blogging! **
Cairo, you are so sweet to welcome me into the neighborhood!"

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'M HOME! I arrived at John Wayne Airport the morning of Saturday, July 15th to be greeted by my people. They were very excited to met me and I was happy to finally be out of my travel crate. (Note to self: next time spend the money to fly in First Class!) I traveled all the way from Oklahoma.

When we got home I saw my place! It instantly felt like home. Mommy had made me a welcome home sign and I had a cozy, new bed and the best yet, a whole basket filled with brand new toys. Life here is going to be just fine! Stay tuned to watch me grow up!